Growing up I had such a love for making things, drawing, painting, photography, anything creative, really.  Fortunately, my parents were very supportive of this.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!!! )  They bought me watercolors, clay, colored pencils, cameras, and so forth throughout the years and really encouraged me to explore my creativity.  I feel so lucky to have had that love and support.

I spent many hours with my dad taking photos, developing film, and making prints in our humble little basement darkroom.  What great memories!   

As a kid, we were frequently out on some sort of camping adventure that seemed to require rough dirt roads and sheer drop offs on my mom's side of the car, breathtaking scenery, clear clean air, quiet observation of nature and wildlife, and of course many photographs taken.   

In addition to road trips to explore nature, we spent every summer on a nearby island in our rustic old cabin living in a rather primitive fashion with an antique wood cook stove, kerosene lamps, old-fashioned water pump, and yes, a little outhouse nestled in the woods. I spent endless hours exploring the beach and woods.

In college I studied fine art, graphic design, photography, anthropology, and languages among many other subjects, exploring as much as I could, but always gravitating back to the creative subjects.

After college, I worked as an artist and art director over a 20 year period, gaining a vast amount of experience illustrating for a large variety of clients (see below), developing seasonal trend boards for product lines, creating art that fit each clients' needs, learned to meet tight deadlines and to be flexible and able to make changes to art as requested by clients. 

Now I have my own business, (envision me jumping and dancing around in joy!), and I am thrilled to be doing what I love!

Art Licensing Clients

Carson Home Accents

Crown Point Graphics, LLC

Design Design, Inc.

Galway Company

Henton International LTD

LPG Greetings, Inc.

Mohawk Home

Paper Images, Inc.

Pictura, USA

Pine Ridge Art

Paper Products Design (PPD)

Price Imports, LLC

RAZ Imports, Inc.

Trends International


Other Clients

While illustrating and designing for a leading embellished apparel manufacturer for many years, I created top selling screenprint, embroidery, applique, and jewel designs, some of which sold over 50,000 units per design.  I also designed for many small boutiques and specialty retail stores.  A small portion of these clients are listed below.




Cracker Barrel


J. C. Penney


National Wildlife Federation


The Tog Shop