Welcome to my blog! 

This being my first post on my new website, I was feeling pressure to put together a big introduction, but found that that just froze me in my tracks!  

So in order to get this thing off to a start, I am just going to launch into what's going on in (and out of) the studio.

It's late autumn and the weather has been very chilly, but even with the frosty air, I can't resist taking a walk on the beach.  I love all the sea and shore birds that are present in the autumn and winter and really enjoy watching and photographing them.


Double-Crested Cormorant

I never realized, until I took some photos of these birds, how beautiful their intense blue eyes are against their bright yellow bill.


Although very common here, crows always draw my attention with their beauty, intelligence, and comical antics.


These little shorebirds hang out year round, but I couldn't resist photographing some of these cute birds.  It was fun watching them bob their heads and run quickly along the water's edge.