Liz Leines and PPD, holiday napkins and tissues samples

As an art licensing artist, it is always exciting to receive samples from manufacturers that I work with.  Opening newly delivered boxes of samples is something I really look forward to.  Once a box arrives, I quickly open it, pulling out each sample with a big grin on my face!  It's so rewarding to see my art on products and have samples in hand.

These paper napkins and tissues arrived a few weeks ago from Paper Product Design, also known as PPD.  They did a great job on them!  So festive and fun.  Available in stores now.  My personal favorite is the Santa!

A Santa Claus design created by Liz Leines.  Napkins and tissues with my art licensed to Paper Products Design.

Trees and birds on napkins.  Art by Liz Leines. Manufactured by PPD.

Winter/Christmas napkins manufactured by PPD.  Art by Liz Leines.